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Enhanced Compliance &

Transparent Supplier


In a landscape with fragmented supply chain views, data silos, and regulatory issues, organizations need an integrated solution. Relying on basic tools like spreadsheets exacerbates problems, neglecting potential risks and limiting strategic planning due to lack of supplier insights.

Rhythm’s Supplier Risk and Compliance Management Solution offers a complete data intelligence platform for a 360-degree supplier view. Our platform lets organizations quickly create intelligent assessments, empower suppliers, gather and analyze supplier data in an auditable manner.

1. Strategize & Plan

  • Define Objectives
  • Develop Measurement Criteria
  • Develop KPIs
  • Conduct Supplier Segmentation
  • Identify Target Suppliers
  • 2. Design & Build

  • Assessment and Evaluation Criteria

  • 3. Perform

  • Communicate and Engage
  • Gather Data from Suppliers
  • 4. Review and Analyze

  • Review Response, Verify Accuracy
  • Identify Gaps
  • Develop and Assign Action Plans
  • Perform Data Analysis

  • 5. Monitor Performance

  • Manage Action Plans to Closure
  • Escalate Action Plans
  • Streamline Processes Across Functions. Consolidate Data to Create Insights.

    Rhythm platform enables organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of a wide-ranging assessments, evaluations, surveys and audits focusing on organizational risk, reputational risk, operational risk and product risk.

    Supplier Regulatory Compliance

    Supplier Product Compliance

    Supplier Cyber Security

    Supplier BCP Readiness

    Supplier ESG / Sustainability

    Supplier Quality Maturity

    Supplier Financial

    Supplier Capability

    Supplier Governance

    Unmatched Value 

    Rhythm’s platform stands as a cornerstone for organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of diverse assessments, evaluations, surveys, and audits.

    Enhanced Compliance &
    Streamlined Processes

    Ensure seamless adherence to standards, streamline processes, and enhance collaboration through customizable procedures.

    Unmatched Transparency & Accountability

    Ensure operational transparency and accountability, manage remediation to reduce risk, and support it with a bi-directional, auditable data analysis process.

    Holistic View &
    Intelligent Insights

    Gain a unified view of supplier risks by integrating data from various sources, enabling informed decisions and advanced risk profiling analytics.

    Rhythm's Supplier Risk and Compliance Management solution provides a complete infrastructure, end-to-end processes, and data intelligence.

    Key Features 

    Enterprise-Wide Supplier Assessment Platform:

    Streamline deployment of your supplier assessment programs.

    Intelligent Assessment Designer:

    Enable users to design and build various types of assessments with their own criteria, response types and logic.

    Supplier Portal Enabling a Connected Supply Chain:

    Engage suppliers to communicate, participate and collaborate seamlessly.

    Scorecard and Advanced Analytics:

    Harness the power of data-driven insights to elevate supplier performance.

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