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Our Culture
Let’s Create and Shape Together

Our company culture represents the shared personality of our workplace. It encompasses the way we interact, collaborate, and support one another. This culture distinguishes Rhythm as not just a workplace but a family, making it an exceptional and enjoyable place to work. Importantly, it is not imposed by a single individual or dictated from the top down; rather, it is a collaborative effort involving each member of our team. As we continue to grow, both with our current team in Rhythm and future team members, our company culture will evolve. It is a collective responsibility to shape a workplace where everyone feels empowered, motivated, and enthusiastic about making valuable contributions. Join us to help create and shape our company culture together!

Our Company Core Values

“Commitment brings us together. Collaboration makes us stronger. Creativity drives us to the future. Confidence makes us who we are.”

Meet a few of our Rhythm team members.

Eugene Kouroptev

Chief Technology Officer. Sunrise, Florida, United States. -

Our commitment to fostering innovation, encouraging collaboration, and recognizing the unique talents of each individual, positions us to redefine industry benchmarks. 

John Kuzer

Global Talent Acquisition. Sunrise, Florida, United States. -

Rhythm’s success is rooted in our commitment to inclusive hiring practices and the development of a tailored onboarding process designed to empower and support our employees. Finding the right talent is an important key to our growth. Our goal is to open the potential in every team, including our own. We strive for equity for every Rhythm employee and are committed to an authentic culture of inclusion.” 

We Believe in the Power of Diversity

At Rhythm, we believe diversity is the foundation of innovation and success. We are dedicated to cultivating a workplace that prioritizes inclusivity and equity. Rhythm ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds, including various ethnicities, genders, races, religions, and beliefs thrive together. We actively promote a work environment that values and respects every team member, ensuring equal opportunities for growth, development, and advancement.

Beyond a job.


At Rhythm, we believe your health always comes first. We offer an extensive range of benefits designed to protect your health, such as Company Paid Medical Insurance, Dental & Vision Insurance, and other health benefits.

Continuous Learning Journey

We encourage everyone to further their educational journey. To support this, we allocate a yearly budget for our employees, which can be utilized for various educational pursuits, including certificate and graduate programs.


Our commitment is to foster unity and align our interests with the enduring success and growth of our organization. In pursuit of this commitment, we provide our employees with an Employee Stock Options Program (ESOP) which is designed to provide our team members with the opportunity to become shareholders at Rhythm.

Mental Wellness

We prioritize your mental well-being and recognize its significance. To support this belief, we offer comprehensive benefits, including Paid Time Off, flexible schedules, and commitment to fostering a healthy work-life balance.

Workplace environment

In our workplace, we cultivate a collaborative team environment that fosters teamwork and companionship among employees. To further enhance this sense of unity, we organize events such as our team lunches, where all team members come together to share a meal.

Community engagement

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on our community. As part of this dedication, we support numerous events each year for our team members to come together, strengthen bonds, and actively participate in community service programs.

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