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Mastering GHG Accounting in Your Supply Chain

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Deepen your ESG strategy with our second webinar, “Mastering GHG Accounting in Your Supply Chain ”. This session provide key insights to procurement leaders and other professionals ready to tackle the complexities of Scope 1, 2, and particularly Scope 3 emissions as part of their supply chain’s ESG framework. Building on our series’ introduction, we delve into the GHG Protocol’s standards and how to effectively manage and report Scope 3 emissions, pivotal for understanding your full environmental impact. We will also discuss expectation setting for your supply chain and the increasing importance of managing data.

Conducted by experienced industry leaders, this webinar offers unique insights from experts who have spearheaded ESG initiatives at top-tier organizations. Their depth of knowledge and practical experience provide an invaluable learning opportunity for attendees.

Key Takeaways includes:
  • Understand the GHG Protocol for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.
  • Identify regulatory drivers and future compliance for Scope 3 emissions.
  • Manage and demystify Scope 3 inventories.
  • Explore ESG metrics beyond GHGs
  • Engage your supply chain to set reasonable expectations and establish reporting strategies.
  • Develop strategies for managing the avalanche of data.

Join us to gain insights to enhance your capabilities in managing GHG data, build vital partnerships for achieving shared ESG goals, and surpass the dynamic, regulatory-intensive ESG expectations of today’s business environment

Meet our speakers
Michael Stockton Michael Stockton image

Chief Strategy Officer

Rhythm Innovations

Michael Stockton is a seasoned executive with 25 years of experience in manufacturing, specializing in procurement and sustainability. Currently, he is spearheading sustainable supply chain strategies at Rhythm Innovations. His responsibilities include strategic planning, product strategy, go-to-market initiatives, and the organizational development of Rhythm’s business line, with a focus on creating sustainable supply chains.

Previously, Michael worked for TE Connectivity in Germany, where he led the company’s corporate Scope 3 initiative. He has extensive experience managing large procurement teams across the raw materials, automotive, and telecom verticals at TE, Stellantis, and Aptiv.

Adam Tucker Michael Stockton image

ESG Strategy Consultant

Haley & Aldrich

A leader in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability strategy and program implementation, Adam helps clients define their vision, protect the environment, and do right by their communities. He builds clients’ success through his people-centric perspective and diverse, global experience across all three ESG pillars. With insights drawn from nearly three decades working globally in aerospace, the automotive industry, and manufacturing, Adam has honed his ability to lead complex sustainability initiatives across large, complex organizations. He also has extensive experience engaging with federal lawmakers, enabling him to guide clients through the shifting regulatory landscape governing ESG.

Dawn Santoianni Michael Stockton image

Principal Consultant

Haley & Aldrich

Dawn Santoianni is a Principal Consultant at Haley & Aldrich, focusing on integrating ESG principles into business strategies. With over 30 years in the environmental field, she has expertise in sustainability, climate resilience, and environmental justice. Her background includes engineering and public relations, aiding sectors in climate risk adaptation and mitigation

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