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Multi-tier mapping solution with visibility to not only your supplier profile, products and services, but to n-tier suppliers to enable strategic planning, supply chain design, and proactive risk mitigation.

Chain of Command

Visibility to ever changing dynamics to your strategic sourcing portfolio management - get complete alignment of the category management organization down to ownership to each supplier.


With an easy-to-use communication platform, track supplier readiness and business continuity planning for any scheduled or unscheduled event such as weather disruption, geo-political situation, among others.

Capabilities Pyramid

Build a holistic but highly granular suppliers’ capabilities to support your sourcing initiatives such reshoring, new product initiatives (NPI), new product development (NPD), etc.

Risk Radar

Gain insights into suppliers’ risk and compliance at every level – from organizational to parts level to proactively to build up your supply chain resiliency.

Process Digitization

Digitize and streamline strategic sourcing business processes such as Supplier Escalations Management, QBR Actions Tracking, RFX & Quote Management resulting in an agile Supply Chain Management

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