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Key Challenges

Companies are often blind to when a tool will require maintenance or reach EOL​

1. Streamline deployment of your supplier assessment programs.
2. Creates production stoppages / reduced production when a tool breaks or is highly worn
3. Surprise EOL notices reduce flexibility in sourcing of replacement tools and less negotiation power for customers​

Inventory of Tools often kept in a separate system to BOM and often not current​

1. When a tool is out of service, the affected Part Numbers (PN’s) are identified and then manually looked up in a separate Tooling Asset system – slow and onerous
2. Tool inventory systems are often incorrect (location, whether tool has been scrapped, etc)

Quality Issues

1.Lack of predictability of maintenance needs can lead to quality issues and running tooling in suboptimal condition​
2. Increased exposure to external claims from customers​


Rhythm’s Supplier Engagement Platform enables the collection of the Responsible Sourcing information needed from your supply base. Ensure that your business is meeting the expectations of ALL your stakeholders.


Early Warnings

Rhythm's ToolingIQ provides early warning when tools at suppliers require repairs, replacement, or duplication so you can avoid expensive line down situations that affect your end customer.​


Continous Monitoring

Know the location and condition of your tooling – including duplicate and inactive tools – at all times with ToolingIQ's repository. ​


No Surprise Disruptions

Instead of surprise notices from suppliers about tool-related disruptions, early alerts from ToolingIQ will provide Procurement the necessary time to negotiate tooling repairs or new tools that can lead to Material Productivity and hard savings. ​


Better Forecasting

Say goodbye to non-forecasted capital expenses with ToolingIQ, the platform that allows you to accurately calculate future tooling-related costs for repairs, maintenance, replacements, and duplications.​


360° Collaboration

Proactively collaborate with suppliers in a closed-loop system to prioritize requests, approve workflows and create transparency on status for all affected parties – making it simple to give updates to end customers.​


Insights and Guidance

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